Connect, awaken and embody your highest intentions in a New Moon Heart Meditation and Sacred Cacao Ceremony: Livestream & In-Person

Monthly Event

The new moon each month brings a unique opportunity to align our hearts with the quantum seeds of creation, enhanced by the sacred plant medicine cacao.

This guided meditation and cacao ceremony, facilitated by New Paradigm Psychology originator Payton Tontz, is open to 12 in-person participants at the New Paradigm Psychology office in Sedona, Arizona, and to an infinite number of online participants via livestream.

Cacao is a plant medicine held sacred by indigenous peoples. Drinking cacao in a ceremonial setting helps us to remember our innate interconnectedness with the Earth and our earthly bodies, fostering a state of reverence for all forms of life and supporting heart-opening self-connection.

The Sacred Cacao Ceremony will be followed by a 30-40 minute New Moon Guided Meditation Journey in three parts:

• Working with the breath, sensation and vibration, participants are guided deep into their heart center/chakra, connecting with the frequency of love that naturally flows and emanates from the heart. 

• Participants are next guided to create a group energy field, by streaming the love frequency of their individual hearts into the center of an intentional circle. Crystals, both visualized and actual, will be used to amplify the love vibration in magnitude and strength.

• In the third stage, participants are creatively guided to direct the group’s love frequency energy toward the healing of the Earth, humanity and all life on Earth.

Lastly, we focus on receiving this amplified group energy frequency back into our own hearts and bodies, so that there is a circular channel of giving and receiving, which benefits all our human systems, organs and cells.

A brief Integration/Sharing Circle will follow the Guided Meditation. A recording of the event is included with a livestream ticket, so if you can’t make the event in real time, you can experience it on your own time!

Livestream Ticket : free/pay what you want

In Person Ticket Sedona : $22.00

Past Events / Workshops

Healing the Core Wound

As part of the human experience we each suffer to some level with a basic sense that we are lacking wholeness. This wound takes different shapes for people but at the root is a sense of not being good enough or being inherently flawed, and exists deep within the unconscious. In this workshop we will explore this landscape in a compassionate and safe container, supporting each person to identify and map your unique version of the “core wound”. Then we will focus on how we can heal this wound through discovering our innate wholeness and inherent interconnectedness with all of Life. This will take place through discussion, guided meditation/inner journey, and teaching specific tools for transformation and healing.

Wielding the Sword of Discernment: Claiming our Sovereignty

Discernment is the function in our intellect that distinguishes between the real vs. unreal, between true vs false. It can also be thought of as the act of applying our discriminating wisdom in any given situation and making a conscious choice of how we make meaning of a given situation and thus how we choose to respond. To be discerning is to truly think for ourselves and to live in a state of empowerment, wisdom, and creativity.

Cultivating Inner Space in the Psyche: The First Pillar on the Path of Transformation

If we want to truly grow and transform ourselves, the first thing we need is to increase our awareness of the internal dimension of ourselves. We need to cultivate “inner space”, otherwise known as “mindfulness”, which means the capacity to become aware of our thoughts and thought patterns, our feelings and sensations in the body, and ultimately our deeper core-beliefs which are the driving principles at the root of our psyche.

The Four Pillars of Transformation: An introduction to New Paradigm Psychology

The monthly workshops are designed to be stand alone offerings, so that people can sign up for each one individually for the topics that call to you. Additionaly, for people who are wanting to go deeper and commit to participating in the series as a package, the curriculum is also designed to begin with foundational principles and build on that over the course of the year for a more comprehensive perspective. The workshops are limited to 20 participants and will take place on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning September 15th in San Rafael, CA

Breaking the Chains that Bind Us: Codependency, Healthy Boundaries, and the Sovereign Self

Co-dependency is when we engage in relationship patterns that deny our own needs, feelings, and beliefs in order to secure our emotional connection with others. This often happens in our most intimate relationships with partners, family, and friends, but it can also apply to all of our interactions with others. In my experience I would say many, if not most people are operating out of co-dependent patterns in relationships weather they are aware of it or not.

Applying the Principles of Non-Dual Reality to Your Life

This series of group meetings will use a number of modalities including satsang style teaching, guided meditation/exercises, and therapeutic process to explore what the ancient teachings of Advaita Vedanta have to say about the nature of human psychology, the source of our suffering, and how to heal from it.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road : a dynamic exploration of how to be fully ourselves-individuated, creative, and alive-in our relationships

Human relationships can be a powerful vehicle for growth, creativity, and inspiration if we are willing to show up fully to meet ourselves and each other in the moment. We know from experience that our relationships with others is where we struggle the most to embody our deepest wisdom, joy, and wholeness. So let’s bring our attention there, where the rubber meets the road, in our journey of embodiment of the beautiful beings that we are. Clinical target issues: Co-Dependency, Family of Origin and Social Anxiety.