Psycho-spiritual Counseling

Psycho-spiritual counseling can either be a dimension of the work that I do within the context of psychotherapy, or can be its own modality of working with clients who are specifically interested in working with issues related to spirituality. The basic form and structure of the work is the same as with psychotherapy. It is only the content that differentiates psycho-spiritual counseling from more traditional psychotherapy.

The following is a list of some of the topics that I can address as a part of psycho-spiritual counseling:

  • Exploring deeper questions of meaning
  • Exploring spiritual or existential beliefs
  • Integration of experiences gained during non-ordinary states work
  • Integrating spiritual awakening
  • Working through spiritual bypass or “disassociation” caused by spiritual awakening
  • Processing and integrating spiritual emergency or emergency
  • Issues related to kundalini awakening
  • Healing and integrating trauma related to spirituality or a spiritual community

For more information on my definition of spiritual awakening please click here…