Psychotherapy Practice

LMFT 46325 / LMFT 14538

I offer short-term and long-term models of Integrative Psychotherapy uniquely tailored to the needs and goals of the client. I am available for in person sessions in my beautiful West Sedona office for clients in the surrounding area, as well as remote sessions via video/phone from any location.The work unfolds creatively within the context of the therapeutic relationship.  This is a dynamic and engaging process which is creative and alive in the moment-to-moment as it unfolds in the sessions.

What is Integrative Psychotherapy?

My work is “Integrative” in that it weaves together a wide variety of psychological theories and practices from different schools of thought, disciplines, and bodies of research.  This includes Contemporary Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic theory, Jungian Psychology, Vedic Psychology, Somatic Experiencing Principles, Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Attachment Theory, and Quantum Field Theory. This is a depth oriented approach based on classical principles of relational psychotherapy,  contemporary evidence based science, and the ancient teachings on the nature of reality from the Indian Vedas.

My practice is also “Integrative” in that I operate from the basic understanding that when considering the nature of our psychological challenges, or “mental health issues”, we are able to produce the best outcomes when we see the inherent interconnectedness between all the different dimensions of our human psyche, which includes the mind, body, and soul/spirit. 

An “Integrative” approach to psychological health understands that in order to heal the human psyche in a real and lasting manor, we can’t simply address the surface layer of our psychic dysfunctions, and placate emotional pain and suffering with bandaid solutions.  We recognize that real and lasting psychological healing can only come about when the deeper root causes are brought to light and addressed with the right kind of skillfulness and applied science.

Areas of Specialization, Expertise, and Experience:

  • Childhood Developmental Trauma/PTSD
  • Psychological, Emotional, Physical, or Sexual Abuse
  • Highly Sensitive People (HSP)/Empaths/Healers
  • Depression/Anxiety/Mood Dysregulation
  • Relationship Issues/Healing Co-dependency/Attachment Wounds
  • Health Crisis/Chronic Health Challenges
  • Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Challenges
  • Deconstructing Cultural Conditioning/Discovering Authentic Self/Living in Truth
  • Psychedelic Integration
  • Spiritual Emergence/Integrating Spiritual Awakening
  • Major Life Transition/Identity Shifts
  • Loss/Grief
  • Existential Crisis of Meaning

What does the process look like?              

A depth oriented approach to psychotherapy aims to bring unconscious aspects of the psyche into consciousness to be reflected upon, healed, and integrated.  It aims to uncover and reveal parts of the psyche that are operating behind the scenes based on past experiences, core-beliefs, and wounds that need healing. We connect with these unconscious parts of ourselves through free-association, inquiry, contemplation, reflection, analysis, dream interpretation, and other methods of inner exploration.

Using the tools of inquiry and exploration we are able to bring more self awareness, connect the dots, and help make sense of the inner landscape of the psyche. We are able to identify core complexes, traumas, or reoccurring patterns of experience  which have shaped the way we think and feel about ourselves and the world. We are able to address and bring attention to aspects of the psyche that have been hidden in the shadow.

Once we bring more aspects of the unconscious psyche into the light, we can then begin to understand our inner world with more clarity and see how our experience makes sense within the context of our life experience. This in itself can bring a great deal of relief for a person who may have felt that there was something wrong with them, or just didn’t understand why they had been suffering from painful psychological symptoms.

Healing from Trauma… building Inner Resources

Another aspect of the healing work I do with clients is to actively engage in practices of building up the new healed version of our human psyche by consciously developing new neural networks based on experiences in the body of feeling safe, secure, and whole.  In our sessions we actively work to establish and affirm new core-beliefs about who we really are based on our direct experience of a healed and secure version of ourselves. 

This is done through applying the principles of Peter Levine’s work with Somatic Experiencing to heal the traumatic complexes in the brain/body/nervous system.  There are many different applied practices that can be utilized in this model of healing trauma but building resourcing strategies to bring the needed healing and love to the wounded/traumatized self is central. When we realize that we can find reliable sources of security and safety within the inner landscape of ourselves as well as in relationships with others and in nature, this is the medicine that begins to stabilize and nurture the parts of ourselves that have been cut off, fragmented, and frozen.

This depth oriented integrative approach to psychotherapy is not a quick fix path, but something that takes time to establish a new foundation within the psyche that is more firmly rooted in the healed and whole landscape of the psyche. It does take time, dedication, and some discipline but the results are real and lasting.