The Essential Self and the Alchemy of Transformation

May 21, 2020 | Video

In this video Dr. Payton Tontz builds on the foundation she established in last month’s video, and goes into deeper territory in laying out exactly how the human psyche (mind and body) are transformed by the recognition that the self is the true nature of who we are. She explains that the psyche is organized around the central organizing principle of our identity and that when our point of identification within the psyche shifts from being rooted in the “ego-self” to being rooted in the essential self, this catalyzes a profound process of reorganization and overhaul within the psyche. Dr. Tontz describes this profound process of transformation as one of deconstructing one paradigm in the psyche based on the old identity and building a new one, based on a new identity a process which entails the rewiring of the entire brain and nervous system as a rewriting of our core beliefs. Finally, the video concludes with a discussion of the alchemy of transformation and how we can develop helpful tools to optimize our process of transformation and navigate it with as much grace as possible.